Microsoft MACH Consensus Reporting Tool

Microsoft MACH Consensus Reporting Tool

View, analyze, and report MACH survey data

“The MACH Year 2 Consensus reporting tool has simplified a very complicated process. We run virtual curricula around the world at varying schedules and this tool allows us to be aware of the latest data capture, which eases our follow up and reporting. A huge benefit, which many other internal teams have commented as being ‘genius’! “

– Maryann Baumgarten, Global Curriculum Manager – MACH.


Microsoft Academy for College Hires (MACH) is a talent development program within Microsoft designed to cultivate top university talent through specialized training and mentoring. Constructive feedback from participants is vital to its success. MACH leaders were using Microsoft’s Consensus application, which enables researchers to quickly create and distribute surveys. However, they needed additional functionality, including report automation, customized formatting, and more comprehensive analysis of survey results.


3Sharp designed and implemented a reporting tool to augment the existing capabilities of Consensus. The tool uses Microsoft SQL Server technologies to provide easy access to survey data in two ways: through a Web browser, or an Office System client application such as Excel.

Both reporting methods offer extensive analytic capabilities such as filtering, pivoting tables and charts, drill-down, and rich formatting control. In addition, complex notification rules can be implemented to alert researchers to specific survey responses, with links to updated data. As a result, MACH leaders can quickly create robust, customized survey reports to their management team.


  • Built-in filtering, pivoting and drilldown extend the native analytic capabilities of Consensus
  • Rich formatting options provide customized look and feel for reports
  • Web-based or client reports provide flexibility in delivering and publishing reports
  • Complex notification and business rules enable survey researchers to quickly learn of specific survey results or trends, a new capability
  • Foreign languages and special character support expand usability to a global user audience


  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2008
  • PerformancePoint Add-in for Microsoft Excel 2007
  • Browser and/or client-based display, analysis, and reporting