Podcasting Kit for SharePoint

Podcasting Kit for SharePoint

Social Networking for the SharePoint collaboration platform


Microsoft saw the rapid growth of social media as an opportunity for companies to retain and move corporate knowledge more quickly to employees who need it. However, no platform existed that met this need within an enterprise setting. A concept emerged to combine the user experience of a lightly moderated social network such as YouTube (with videos, peer ratings, chat, podcasts, use metrics, and mechanisms for programming and uploading content) with the security and organization of the SharePoint collaboration platform. Employees and authorized viewers outside the corporate firewall would be able to access content from their desktops, or when away from work using their mobile devices. The informal, viral nature of social media would add vital word-of-mouth “buzz” to the SharePoint collaboration platform.​


Using SharePoint Designer, Silverlight, and the .NET Framework, 3Sharp designed and built the Podcasting Kit for SharePoint (PKS), a solution that enables development of customizable YouTube-like sites for finding and sharing information. While look and feel is informal, the solution is built upon SharePoint—a reliable, scalable, and secure content repository. Success within Microsoft was astounding, with over 200,000 downloads in the first year. As of September 2009 there were over 20,000 active users, and more than 2,000 people actively producing content. The software, developed in six months and available as open source on CodePlex, has been adopted by dozens of other companies. PKS key features:

  • Users can upload and download podcasts in a wide variety of formats
  • Viewers can easily find, organize, and share specific content using Search, Sorting, Filtering and Tagging, and view related podcasts using a “Series” feature
  • Viewers can rate content, see information about authors, and add comments to podcasts
  • Centralized content monitoring and control is possible, if desired​


  • Reduce the cost of knowledge-sharing, training, and eLearning by providing the right information to the right person at the right time, on browsers or mobile devices.
  • Retain institutional knowledge by capturing and managing critical information and experience that otherwise is not shared.
  • Control branding and user experience in a way not possible in public sharing sites such as YouTube.
  • Share corporate information faster using familiar, user-friendly elements of a social network.
  • Apply natural social communication and work behaviors to corporate information sharing.


Microsoft’s 4-minute YouTube video describing their Academy Mobile implementation of PKS.


  • Microsoft® SharePoint® 2007
  • Microsoft Silverlight®
  • Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007
  • Microsoft .NET Framework