Sharing Information and Managing Workflow

Sharing Information and Managing Workflow

Connecting employees with live data and business processes


Microsoft engaged 3Sharp to create a proof of concept demonstration showing how SharePoint Server 2010 can help clients connect employees at all levels with the business data they need. In this demonstration, a sales representative at a major electronics distributor needs to investigate the potential impact of a large order on her company’s business performance. After doing so, she creates formal client proposal documents that conform to corporate guidelines.​


3Sharp created a customized SharePoint site that ensures the sales representative has access to the most recent corporate data. In SharePoint, she uses her colleagues’ PerformancePoint dashboards (connected in real time to external databases) to understand the business impact of the new order. She accesses an inventory database, searches her company’s Intranet and co-workers’ My Sites for competitive research on vendors, and responds to her customers’ requests for specific product information. She creates a new proposal set, comprised of several document types (worksheet, written proposal, and slide presentation) that includes live links to the product data she collected. Finally, she starts a workflow for approval and submission of her proposal material.​


  • Insight into a deal’s potential impact on business performance helps the employee prioritize her workload.
  • Quick response to new business opportunities saves many hours compared to traditional data collection and document set creation.
  • Live connection to inventory data ensures customer requirements will be met.
  • Proposal document sets are drawn from standard templates, hence they are easy to complete and comply with corporate legal guidelines​.

Disclaimer: The solution and benefits described in this case study demonstrate a software proof of concept created by 3Sharp. The business need scenario describes Contoso, a fictitious company created by Microsoft Corporation for demonstration purposes.​


  • Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010
  • PerformancePoint® 2010 Dashboards with KPI’s, Reports, Filters, Decomposition Tree
  • Custom InfoPath forms and SharePoint My Sites​