Team Collaboration Site with Data Analysis

Team Collaboration Site with Data Analysis

Enables teams to analyze and share critical business data


Microsoft engaged 3Sharp to create a proof of concept demonstration showing how SharePoint Server 2010, PerformancePoint Services, Excel Web Services, and other Microsoft products can help clients view and analyze business data. In this demonstration, the procurement team in a large electronics retailer needs a centralized workspace to help evaluate vendor ratings and to identify, share, and present supporting data for deciding which vendor will be chosen to fulfill a large order.


3Sharp created a SharePoint team site that consolidates all resources needed to manage a product distribution chain. Vendor evaluation tasks are assigned and tracked, and links to analysis documents are posted on a Vendor Selection home page. A review page gives team members the most recent vendor evaluation results (entered using InfoPath) and a scorecard that shows vendor ratings versus goal values. 

Performance trends can be viewed graphically within the web portal using Excel Web Services, with connections to live vendor ratings data provided by a third party. Pivot charts created with PowerPivot enable team members to quickly find vendors with inventory and pricing that meet the customer’s specifications. Team members can then use a customized survey to rate vendors according to defined criteria and vote for the vendor of their choice.


  • Centralized team site saves time searching for information, and gives all team members access to current assignments, documents, and data.
  • Customized web parts, libraries, data views, and survey were all created using standard Microsoft tools, saving the procurement team substantial time and cost versus ad hoc software development.
  • The vendor selection process is thoroughly documented for future reference, and the entire site collection can be backed up according to corporate policies or regulatory requirements.

Disclaimer: The solution and benefits described in this case study demonstrate a software proof of concept created by 3Sharp. The business need scenario describes Contoso, a fictitious company created by Microsoft Corporation for demonstration purposes.

Technologies Demonstrated

  • Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010
  • PerformancePoint® 2010 Dashboards with KPI’s, Reports, Filters, Decomposition Tree
  • PowerPivot Integration
  • Excel Web Services
  • Multiple external data sources
  • InfoPath® 2010