Webinars and Presentations for Microsoft Technology

We realize that sometimes a technology issue needs more than a brief explanation, so we’ve compiled an assortment of Microsoft technology webinars that drill down deeper into the issues. These presentations provide a step-by-step analysis of software solutions, ranging from custom form development to non-coding work process solutions.

Past Webinars:

Efficiency Within Reach: Apps for Microsoft Office Can Tie Your Spreadsheets to Workplace Data, Systems, and Software

Microsoft’s New Cloud App Model: For Customizing SharePoint and Office 2013 (July 17, 2013)

Integration Architecture for SharePoint: Tips from the Pros (June 19, 2013)

Document Generation: Improve Workforce and Productivity (May 29, 2013)


Download a presentation to watch now or later:


InfoPath: Developing Forms Using Managed Code

Building and Configuring End-to-End Solutions in Office 12 with No Code

Developing InfoPath Client-Only Forms for SharePoint

Developing InfoPath Browser Forms for SharePoint

Adding Codeless Workflows to InfoPath Form Solutions

Developing End-to-End Forms Solutions for SharePoint, Part 1

Developing End-to-End Forms Solutions for SharePoint, Part 2

End-to-End Solutions with the 2007 Release: Developing for IT Pros