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The end to end technical demo assistance you wish you had.

Content Rich Environments

  • Authentic demo scenario content
  • Immersive demo experience
  • Rich demo personas
  • Customized scenarios
  • Technical Expertise Required 25%
  • Ease of Use 90%
  • Portability 75%

Demo Guides

  • Comprehensive speaker scripts and talk tracks
  • In-depth technical walkthroughs
  • Consistent messaging
  • Easy to follow
  • Technical Expertise Required 50%
  • Ease of Use 85%
  • Portability 70%


  • Video production with voice over
  • Demo environment capture
  • Desktop and mobile support
  • Technical Expertise Required 15%
  • Ease of Use 100%
  • Portability 100%

Keep your sales team empowered with easy access to demo materials and environments.


  • Demo content prepared the way you need it
  • Clean, optimized demo assets

Live Environments

  • Cloud deployment
  • Custom delivery channel
  • Scalable demo platform

Offline Options

  • Demo environment simulation
  • Portable demo solutions
  • Local content
  • Self paced

When your products go on the road,

we are right there with you.




When the 3Sharp folks enter the room, my blood pressure goes down. I know I am in good hands with them!

Global Expo Support

  • Demo support for all devices in your floor-space
  • Content/device configuration for demos
  • Expert planning and support for attendee device bars, from configuration to storyline
  • We come to you, anywhere on the globe!

Keynote Demo Creation and On-Site Production Support

  • From 50,000 seat arenas to 50 person breakouts, we cover it all
  • Pre-configuration of devices and demo rehearsals
  • Tight partnership with production crew
  • We are Agile! Highly flexible, interactive, iterative project management
  • With one shot to look great – let us help you shine

Hands-on Labs

  • Environment and content build out
  • On-site supervision
  • Integration with infrastructure team and devices

K. Law, Microsoft

“Every time I work with the 3Sharp, the team, delivery, and everything is amazing! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!”

First Tennessee Bank

“Very polished, professional, knowledgeable team. This group took a basic set of requirements and produced a valuable framework that can be reused within our organization. I would highly recommend 3Sharp’s services.”

Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise

“I would highly recommend 3Sharp to any colleague. Peter provided an integral service to my team throughout event season. Peter’s knowledge, attention to detail and expertise were invaluable to the execution of our keynote demos. It’s truly a pleasure to work with 3Sharp, and I hope to do so again soon.”

Big 4 accounting firm

“It has been a pleasure working with the 3Sharp Team on 2 recent engagements. The teams were very professional, knowledgeable, and well organized. Staffing was appropriate, the team kept to task and delivered as planned. I look forward to the opportunity to work with 3Sharp again in the future.”