Application Integration Solutions

Application Integration

Application integration is all about increasing productivity and efficiency in your workplace. Simply put, application integration solutions make your business software and data work better together.

For example, you can set up all of the applications your employees need to use so they can be accessed from a central location, or portal. You can also integrate technologies into application integrated systems so that employees and special project teams can collaborate on projects effectively. You can create applications to be downloaded from the SharePoint or Office stores, or build sophisticated add-ins that create customized functionality within the familiar Office menu structure.

Application Integration Systems Enable You To:

  • Integrate and streamline your current business processes to improve workflow, thereby increasing your employees’ productivity.
  • Make your existing workflow, applications, and data more effective by integrating the key aspects of different types of business integration software to streamline access and use.
  • Reduce the steps involved for employees to access the applications and data they need to perform their daily tasks and complete special projects that are critical to meeting your business needs and achieving company success.

The 3Sharp Approach to Application Integration

3Sharp is an industry leader in application integration and middleware integration. Our business application integration services help your business improve the quality and speed of your work, collaborate more effectively, and gain key business insights.

Our services include:

  • Data Integration—Use application integration middleware to gather data from complex, large, or disparate databases and present it in user-friendly dashboards. Or your employees can query the data with powerful intuitive application integration software tools.
  • SharePoint Integration—Transform SharePoint into the information highway for your organization, where you can share, discover, build, and manage information from any device or location.
  • Apps for SharePoint & Office—Create small, easy-to-use stand-alone applications that perform a specific task or meet a business need. Users can find and download these standard, easily maintained and distributed cloud apps from a corporate or Microsoft app store. They can be used in SharePoint Online and Office 365.
  • Office Add-Ins—Replace ad-hoc templates and user-generated macros with standard add-ins maintained by corporate IT. Add specialized menu controls and text to automate tasks, make activities easier for your employees, ensure consistency, and eliminate mistakes.