Company Intranet Design and Employee Portals

Company Intranet Design and Employee Portals

Intranets are private computer networks that reside inside companies. In most cases, intranets are considered giant websites. Employees access intranets through online portals, a centralized location where they log in to view and consume information. Each employee has different levels of portal access and content use, based on their job titles and responsibilities.

Company intranet designs vary, but usually allow employees to manage documents, collaborate on projects, conduct internal research through corporate databases, and look for information on the Internet.

The Benefits of Using Company Intranets and Portals

Employee intranet portals:

  • Improve communication flow between teams.
  • Make critical information easy to find.
  • Help team members, clients, or contractors access information securely any time, from anywhere.
  • Customize design and functions to meet your company’s needs.
  • Simplify complex data management and ensure that the data is always current.
  • Simplify network administration, including security, appropriate permissions, and other tasks.

The 3Sharp Approach to Company Intranet Design and Employee Portals

3Sharp has an integrative approach to company intranet design. We create custom portals with document libraries, access controls, and social networking capabilities, which ensure that all of your team members have local and remote access to current information, tools, and processes. SharePoint is the cornerstone of our intranet software solution.

Our intranet software solutions include:

  • Custom online portals—Create a doorway to your content that reflects your branding throughout the company, or create an external portal where your customers can learn and talk about your products, services, or community causes your company supports.
  • SharePoint extranets—Create a secure external portal where your teams and partners work together, share ideas, and stay up-to-date.  Access and information can be channeled securely to appropriate users.