Custom Online Portal Design

Custom Online Portal Design

Custom online portals contain large buckets of information. Some Internet portals have generic data, while others focus on a specific area of interest. You access that world of information through the portal. Some examples of custom online portals are:

  • Generic portals, which aggregate or pull together information from a wide range of sources, such as Google’s search page.
  • Industry portals, such as real estate sites for targeted metropolitan areas, where you can find homes for sale on multiple websites by searching from one location.
  • User-inspired portals, where communities of people with common interests congregate to chat or share information.
  • Links from web pages that connect to other sources of information, such as a customer support portal. A web page containing the link is the portal.

Custom enterprise portals are also used widely. These intranet portals provide access to your company’s information from a central location. The portals are tailored toward your company’s specific needs.

The Benefits of Custom Enterprise Portals

Custom online portals:

  • Improve access to business information for employees, special team members, and clients. They can access documents, business processes, and other types of data from one location, so the amount of time they spend searching for and retrieving documents is substantially reduced.
  • Increase collaboration across work teams, departments, the company, and the company’s partners and customers. Create partner portals to share information and ideas for business growth and customer portals for improved communication and support.
  • Create an identity for the brand or team by powerfully implementing design elements or tightly conforming to brand standards.
  • Are attractive, simple to use, and easy to understand.

The 3Sharp Approach to Designing and Developing Custom Enterprise Portals

3Sharp is an expert in designing, developing, and deploying custom online portals in Microsoft SharePoint and other technologies. Our graphic designers and technicians create intranet and extranet locations where teams and partners work together, share ideas, and stay current.

Here are a few examples of 3Sharp’s custom online portals for our clients:

  • The Women in Technology portal served as a meeting spot and clearing house for female technical workers in a worldwide corporation. Smart design and relevant, useful content targeted to the community made the site engaging. Features included rotating role model profiles, descriptions of 16 different technical jobs, an events calendar, resource library, career coach roster, and news briefs.
  • The Fabrikam site is an employee portal for a small manufacturer. Employees can check senior manager’s blogs, access product information databases, see the latest products on display, use wikis and other social tools, order equipment with appropriate process and approval steps, and similar functions.
  • A site for a major wine distribution company was a YouTube behind-the-firewall site where employees could post, view, search, and review videos. It was a completely branded SharePoint site.
  • Your Whole Life was a promotion for a mobile phone where users could win prizes for uploading photos taken with the phone to a custom portal. whole_life_challenge