Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise collaboration is more than simply increasing productivity, improving communication, and helping employees work better together across the enterprise. Employee collaboration software and technological advances in business collaboration systems provide more options in a social networking world. Business collaboration software allows project teams to work effectively from locations spanning many time zones. They give workers in large organizations the ability to locate others who can share pertinent knowledge. Enterprise collaboration systems (ECS’s) let you access information from anywhere, on any device.

The Benefits of Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise collaboration helps you to:

  • Improve business collaboration by centralizing business documents, data, and processes so that they are easier to find, track, revise, and publish for use.
  • Reduce “business silos” using the built-in social networking capabilities of SharePoint for your organization to enable context specific sharing through robust collaboration platforms.
  • Use the power of the cloud to make applications and information available to users through enterprise collaboration servers, regardless of device or location.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs with fewer redundant or high-cost network resources.
  • Build applications that improve communication and social business collaboration across the enterprise.

How can 3Sharp help with Enterprise Collaboration?

3Sharp has vast expertise in enterprise collaboration. We understand how critical it is to streamline organizational processes and produce consistent documentation. With our enterprise collaboration systems, you can be assured that your customers and employees can create, route, track, and share documents while meeting compliance requirements. We build SharePoint systems that let employees work naturally while conforming to required standards.

Our services include: