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Data integration makes business smarter, faster. It is business intelligence in the true sense of the term. Enterprise data integration provides insight, which helps you and your employees make better business decisions that can improve revenue and reduce risk. By accessing your company’s data from a central location, you can retrieve and view information quickly and easily to finish daily tasks, conduct complex analyses, or drill down to execute special in-depth projects.

The Benefits of Business Data Integration

Data integration allows you to:

  • Increase access to data through the effective use of data integration software. There’s no need to navigate from one database system to another, because multiple databases can be accessed from a single location.
  • Make data more usable as a result of improved access. It’s easy to compare and contrast data, because your employees can access it with the click of a button or by using simple menu commands.
  • Reduce time to access and compile data for reports. With a well-designed data integration solution, simply enter the portal, select the needed data, compile it, and run the report you need. A task that once took a few hours is now reduced to minutes or even seconds, depending on the report’s complexity.
  • Create more robust reports. Business data integration helps you access all of the information you need, thereby eliminating mistakes and omissions.
  • Deliver information faster to those who need it to make critical business decisions or to help your customers with their purchases.

The 3Sharp Approach for Enterprise Data Integration

Enterprise data integration is among 3Sharp’s specialties. We help you increase productivity, optimize workflow, and reduce costs using technology and data you already have. Our data integration services work seamlessly and painlessly with your existing architecture.

Here are a few of many examples of 3Sharp helping customers with enterprise data integration:

  • A customer had nine different data sources requiring monthly updates. These included web crawlers, market research databases, sales data, and a variety of social data. 3Sharp created a competitive intelligence dashboard that allowed the customer to see, search, and combine the data sets to return relevant, useful results.
  • A consulting firm helping clients manage health care claim costs had large databases with information on typical medical expense patterns and usage rates. This firm’s clients also had databases containing employee claim histories. 3Sharp allowed the consultant’s clients to build a system to view these data sets together, giving them new insight into policy design and managing costs.
  • A large electronics retailer used a central SharePoint site with a business intelligence dashboard that 3Sharp built to manage and fulfill customer orders. The retailer’s employees were able to see the contents of various warehouses by product and analyze shipping performance.