Modern Productivity Services

Transform vital business capabilities into a seamless experience

Employee productivity and collaboration fails when people can’t find information they need or don’t have the right tools to do their job. When your organization begins migrating to the cloud, shape your strategy around delivering an engaging collaborative platform to maximize your ROI.

3Sharp Modern Productivity Services is a set of tools and consulting services built on Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint that take the mystery and pain out of getting the most from your Modern Productivity investments. Move from a series of disconnected cloud and on-premises tools and storage locations, to a highly effective Modern Productivity Platform.

Take control of your business by maximizing the value of your Microsoft investments

3Sharp will move you into a compelling and intuitive user experience with agile flexibility, comprehensive enterprise content management, and business application interoperability.

Organized Collaboration

  • Optimize productivity and increase organizational efficiency
  • Store and access documents easily
  • Control collaboration and sharing

Enhanced Content Management

  • Search, retrieve, and preserve documents in one central location
  • Streamline workflows by automating processes
  • Integrate across SharePoint and Office 365

Integrated Business Applications

  • Consolidate applications into a single location
  • Lower total cost of ownership by reducing end-user complexities
  • Add specialized controls to automate tasks

Engaging User Experience

  • Deliver a compelling and intuitive experience
  • Drive adoption and maximize consumption with a user-friendly interface
  • Provide an aggregated view of internal systems