Office Document Generation

Office Document Generation

Document generation boosts your productivity. Add-ins that extend your software’s functionality help you accomplish repetitive tasks more easily. For example, you can create macros to insert phrases and paragraphs used in multiple documents. You can also create forms containing fields where your employees or customers fill in customized information while the form template remains intact. You can even generate Word documents that integrate data from Excel workbooks.

The Benefits of Document Generation

Document generation boosts your employees’ productivity and streamlines processes by:

  • Reducing the time it takes to generate large batches of documents. Form letters, regulatory materials, and other information that shares common characteristics can be automated in document generation software with the custom details added where necessary.
  • Creating consistency across all documents, minimizing or eliminating the risk of inconsistent branding. Consistency is also critical in organizations that must adhere to regulatory compliance and legal guidelines, such as insurance companies, government agencies, and financial services firms.
  • Creating custom forms for any purpose through powerful document generation tools.
  • Enforcing work rules by standardizing processes and ensuring quality control.
  • Improving the user experience by providing the automation and controls described above while still allowing the flexibility and familiarity employees expect from working in Microsoft Office applications.

The 3Sharp Approach to Document Generation

3Sharp’s extensive experience in document generation has helped many organizations streamline organizational processes and produce consistent documentation. This ensures that your customers and employees can create, route, track, and share documents while meeting compliance requirements.

3Sharp builds document generation systems that let employees work naturally while conforming to required standards, as demonstrated in these examples:

  • At a financial services firm, thousands of agents created long, complex documents to sell financial products. All the product information originated from a subset of some 80 standard products, but each financial plan was customized for each specific customer. The documents contained various corporate trademarks, and government regulations required specific disclosure information about each product. To streamline the document production process, 3Sharp built a custom Word document system that allowed agents to create these documents by choosing a few options from a list. This quickly generated lengthy documents that the agents could then edit as needed, tailoring the information to each customer, while critical areas were protected from inappropriate revision.
  • A global accounting firm required that all auditors perform audits based on strict controls. This required both standardized input and output. The firm wanted the auditors to use Microsoft Office tools to make any appropriate additions that did not conflict with company policy. 3Sharp built a flexible document generation system that was smoothly deployed to thousands of users in over 50 countries.