SharePoint Document Management

SharePoint Document Management

Microsoft SharePoint document management is among the most robust, powerful library applications in the industry. The SharePoint document library is more than a repository. You can set up customizable views, filter and sort information, add metadata to make documents even easier to find, and organize and execute workflows. Business travelers can synchronize their laptops with a SharePoint workspace, where they can work on documents stored in SharePoint without copying the files to their hard drives. No desktop applications are required to access information – most web browsers will work.

Among the SharePoint document collaboration features is the ability for you and other team members to work on the same document simultaneously. In addition, you can see who made what changes since SharePoint automatically assigns a different colored bar to each editor. SharePoint collaboration makes group document reviews easier.

The Benefits of SharePoint Document Management

With a SharePoint document management system, you can:

  • Easily track and find the documents you need. SharePoint can store multiple versions of a document, and it assigns each version a unique ID number. This prevents the wrong version of a document being retrieved and modified, as well as documents with the same file name being overwritten and lost forever.
  • Increase work productivity by reducing the time spent looking for documents. Even if the document is moved, you can still find it, because SharePoint documents are accessed through a URL that doesn’t contain location-specific details.
  • The SharePoint workflow feature automates the document review process, which reduces time checking on a reviewer’s status and the progress of the document through the approval chain.
  • Take advantage of SharePoint’s automatic scanning, document recognition, and document processing features (some exceptions apply).

The 3Sharp Approach to SharePoint Document Management

3Sharp’s experience in Microsoft SharePoint document management starts by understanding your optimal workflow. We design, develop, and deploy SharePoint systems that let your employees work naturally while conforming to required standards. We can build a user-friendly SharePoint document library that stores, tracks, tags, retrieves, and archives your records quickly, easily, and securely. You can also control who views, edits, and deletes documents.

Here are some examples of how 3Sharp could help build an effective SharePoint document management system:

  • A construction contractor needed a system to track requests for information (RFIs) and responses throughout a job. An integration application received and sent these requests and responses as email while also storing them in a SharePoint system with needed metadata including client name, transmittal date, and master format number.
  • A sales and marketing department needed a system to create, edit, and publish promotional brochures. After publication, these documents became available worldwide on the company’s website, and the salespeople were automatically alerted via email.