Bring Office 365 to Life

Deploy a live tile framework for your modern productivity platform with 3Sharp TacTile, a modern UX-inspired SharePoint homepage featuring a contemporary UI style with the live tiles. Content is driven by SharePoint lists and libraries and has strong integration with social and BI services. Plus, 3Sharp TacTile is responsive across all devices.

A typical 3Sharp TacTile service engagement can take as little as 2-3 weeks to get you connected to a live tile framework. Schedule a Demo

Extend the Power of Office 365

  • Enhance transparency and control access to your business
  • Increase visibility to meet business policies and regulations
  • Organize your business to easily manage capabilities and security

Bring Relevant Information Forward

  • Allow information to be consumed across all browsers and devices
  • Provide an easy-to-use interface that enables your employees to be more productive
  • Collaborate in a single portal in order to exchange information, and spark discussion

Move SharePoint Implementations into the Spotlight Rapidly

  • Simplify SharePoint navigation by surfacing what matters most to users
  • Create a highly productive user experience for higher ROI on SharePoint investments
  • Integrate TacTile into your current environment