Up your sales game: Technical Sales Enablement

Enable your non-technical sales team to tell a hands-on product story.

How do you get and keep a large non-technical sales force up to speed and knowledgeable enough to be able to demo your product suite to their prospects in a way that is account-specific, relevant and on brand message?

We’ve spent the last 16 years of our lives working on just this problem!

Our proven technical sales enablement program helps our customers shorten their sales cycles, drive user adoption, ensure consistent product messaging across sales and partner orgs and helps sales and marketing teams leverage the incredible efforts Microsoft is putting in to their Office 365 and Azure marketing efforts.

Want to know more about Technical Sales Enablement?

Ride the Microsoft 365 & Cloud adoption wave

  • Does your product integrate with Office 365, Windows 10, or Microsoft Azure?
  • Are you currently leveraging the Microsoft 365 marketing wave?
  • Are you tightly integrated with Microsoft’s own technical marketing rhythms?
  • Would you like to be?

3Sharp has been working directly with the Microsoft product marketing teams since our inception in 2002. We would love to hep you align your own marketing efforts with the sales and marketing rhythms coming out of Redmond.

Shorten Sales Cycles

Some of the largest software companies in the world have implemented our program to enable not only their own sales teams but also their partner channel to show the most meaningful demo scenarios to their prospects. There is a measurable benefit to walking through a live software demo with a room full of decision makers.

Increase User Adoption

Not only do organizations know what they are buying – having seen their data, their user content and context within your software before the sale, they ‘ve seen exactly how well you integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure.

They are not second-guessing or imagining the integration points. This can dramatically reduce the friction caused by unrealistic or off-base expectations during implementation.

Demos that don’t stop

There is no need for the demos to stop once the sale has been made. Demo environments can just as easily be used to educate early adopters and implementation specialists on the benefits and features of the software that are most relevant.

Scaling pre-sales engineers

It is invaluable to know the technology at a deep level, while also being able to diagnose a customer’s needs to build a customized demo that can close the deal.

The 3Sharp Technical Sales Enablement program takes your best sales engineers and scales them to meet the technical demands of not only your internal sales organization but your partner organizations as well.

Our Technical Sales Enablement program ensures the stories being told during a demo align well with the high-level messaging you’ve already perfected and distributed through your other sales and marketing channels.

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