Office Add-Ins

Office Add-Ins

Who would be interested in Office Add-Ins?

  • You may be a support technician fed up with calls from confused users who have macros embedded in their documents. Unfortunately, you have no way of understanding which macro is causing the problem or with which version of the macro they are working.
  • You may have complex Microsoft Word templates that could use the advanced logic that embedded macros provide, but you are rightfully afraid of the consequences of using macros?
  • You’ve noticed that users are going through too many repetitive tasks when they are creating Word, Excel and PowerPoint content. You want to create powerful templates to automate these process without using the out of date Microsoft Office Macros technology.
  • You’ve seen how Microsoft Office Macros can run wild within an organization, leading to countless issues with support and maintainability.

A Microsoft Office add-in is a replacement for the older Visual Basic macro model. Add-ins are centrally maintained by organizational IT departments and are deployed, like most other client-side functionality, by windows installers. Almost any document control available to a user within an Office application can be customized and controlled by the add-in.

The Benefits of Office Add-Ins

  • Help IT departments maintain and gain control over their large investment in Office macros and templates.
  • Deeply integrate with centralized document management systems, such as SharePoint.
  • Support specialized Excel formulas and execute complex computations
  • Automatically insert data from centralized databases or 3rd party systems into documents.
  • Control and support users when they prepare and distribute documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

The 3Sharp Approach to Office Add-ins

3Sharp’s has created complex Office Add-ins that organizations have deployed to more than 20,000 users on six continents. Our expertise derives from a long and intimate association with the Microsoft Office product team and its most demanding users. Many customers of ours create documents produced by large teams on tight timelines. These documents are sometimes the only tangible product for projects costing millions of dollars. Our recent work includes:

  • A financial services firm where thousands of agents created long, complex documents to sell financial products. All the product information originated from a subset of some 80 standard products, but each financial plan was customized for each specific customer. The documents contained various corporate trademarks, and government regulations required specific disclosure information about each product. To streamline the document production process 3Sharp built a custom Word add-in that allowed agents to create these documents by choosing a few options from a list. This quickly generated lengthy documents that the agents could then edit as needed, tailoring the information for each customer, while critical areas were protected from inappropriate revision.
  • A global accounting firm required that all auditors perform audits based on strict controls. This required both standardized input and output. The firm wanted the auditors to use Microsoft Office tools to make any appropriate additions that did not conflict with company policy. 3Sharp built flexible Office add-ins that were smoothly deployed to thousands of users in over 50 countries. They have been successfully used and maintained for years.