Office Document Management

Office Document Management

Managing your organization’s documents shouldn’t be difficult. If the following issues sound familiar, then a document management system may be the answer for you:

  • Where should I be saving a document?
  • How many versions of the same document do we have?
  • Hunting through your email for a given version of a document?
  • How hard would it be to comply with a legal request to produce all documents relating to a given project, product or customer?
  • Are you in compliance with organizational and legal policies regarding document retention?
  • Are documents ever accidentally sent to customers before they are properly reviewed?

Well-implemented document management systems protect your organization from many issues, including those listed above. Office document management systems are focused on creating efficiencies in creating, organizing and storing content. Microsoft Office, the workflow document management features in Microsoft SharePoint, and custom SharePoint and Office add-ins can automate document creation, review and storage processes. They shepherd a document through the various lifecycle stages from generation, through editing, several review cycles, delivery to the customer and finally, to document archival and eventual destruction.

The Benefits of Office Document Management

Microsoft Office and SharePoint document management allow you to:

  • Include data from external sources (such as Excel worksheets, CRM systems, databases) that are automatically updated when creating new documents.
  • Decide, at the organizational or departmental level, when and how to archive important documents.
  • Standardize ad-hoc templates and Visual Basic macros so that they can be used and maintained throughout the organization.
  • Generate consistently branded documents and forms that meet organizational brand requirements.
  • Simplify content reviews by taking advantage of the workflow document management features in SharePoint. Track the document’s status and location easily in the document control management system.
  • Automatically assign important attributes to documents when they are created or edited by users, making it much easier to organize, store and retrieve content.
  • Quickly find the documents and records you need in SharePoint through powerful, user-friendly search capabilities.

The 3Sharp Approach to Office Document Management

3Sharp’s approach to Microsoft Office document management equips your organization to deal with the complexity of document creation, storage, versioning and discovery. Taking advantage of the powerful capabilities of SharePoint and Microsoft Office, 3Sharp helps you shepherd your organization’s documents through their entire lifecycle. The result is a familiar user-friendly interface that meets specific enterprise requirements with very light training requirements for fast ramp-up time and increased productivity.

Our Microsoft Office document management solutions include:

  • Apps for SharePoint and Office—Replace ad-hoc templates and user-generated macros with standard, easily maintained and distributed cloud apps from an organization’s application catalog.
  • Office Add-Ins—Standardize processes and reduce errors with built-in business logic, data sources, standardized branding and enforced work rules to ensure quality.
  • Office document collaboration—Streamline the content creation and publishing process when information is contributed by multiple authors. Co-authoring features allow several authors to work on a document at the same time. Workflows can insure that important documents go through the proper review cycles.
  • Office document generation—Use SharePoint features or 3rd-party applications to automate repetitive tasks in content creation, ensure consistency in branding and generate documents that integrate data from various locations.