Office Document Collaboration

Office Document Collaboration

Office document collaboration streamlines the content creation and publishing process when information is contributed by multiple authors. Office collaboration software, such as Microsoft Word, lets authors write the content in the collaboration software and post the draft documents to a content management portal, such as SharePoint, for review by a team of editors. Marketing and legal staff can check for clarity, brand messaging, and accuracy. Comments and changes are inserted into the content via the collaboration software and posted to the portal for authors to review and approve.

After one or more review cycles, the content is published. All versions of the content and any comments provided during the reviews are saved and can be archived in the content management system.

The Benefits of Office Document Collaboration

Office document collaboration makes coauthoring, reviewing, and revising documents easy by:

  • Tracking document versioning with the current version always displayed for reviews.
  • Clearly showing and preserving contributions from each writer and editor on the content team.
  • Providing Office collaboration tools for quick consolidation of content, when needed.
  • Ensuring that backups to previous versions are always available in the Office collaboration system.
  • Enabling content team members to access documents using online collaboration software on any web browser and any device.

The 3Sharp Approach to Office Document Collaboration

3Sharp’s Office document collaboration solutions help you integrate your document creation and publishing processes so you can focus on quality content. Our extensive experience in Microsoft SharePoint and Office integration allows you to use the technology you already have, resulting in increased productivity, workflow optimization, and cost savings.

Our collaborative applications are well suited for multi-author and reviewer environments, as demonstrated with these examples:

  • Our customer needed a hiring review portal that allowed interviewers to view all potential candidates’ pertinent background documents. The website prompted the interviewers to submit post-interview comments for permanent storage. The comments, along with the candidates’ resumes and support letters, were available for the hiring managers’ review.
  • Environmental consultants for a large power plant needed to gain approval from a variety of regulatory agencies. Independent technical contactors in many locations had to review documents and file reports.  Different sections of the report were available for revision at different times, then certified as final. A SharePoint extranet—created with 3Sharp’s expertise—made all these actions possible for anyone with web access.