SharePoint Development

SharePoint Development

SharePoint development is a process that helps you customize SharePoint to achieve your business goals. SharePoint developers solve business problems by integrating a variety of applications, such as content libraries, sales data, customer order management systems, and project tracking, into a single location for easy access. The result is a robust online working environment that is user-friendly and efficient, thereby increasing employee productivity and collaboration while reducing costs.

The Benefits of Using SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint development enables you to:

    • Improve workflow with customized applications and SharePoint add-ins.

    • Increase productivity by making information easier to find and use.

    • Organize all of your environments—intranets, document libraries, databases, etc.—in a centralized location.

    • Create versatile environments and processes that are easy to use.

    • Create powerful displays and tools that allow employees to do real work or achieve real benefits from your portal. Applications as wide-ranging as selecting videos to play, viewing election results, searching for a birth certificate, managing performance reviews for a large organization, and reporting a broken street lamp can all be done through custom web parts and integrating SharePoint with other systems.

The 3Sharp Approach to SharePoint Development

With our extensive SharePoint experience, 3Sharp can help you simplify your business. Whether it’s creating customized applications to improve workflows or redesigning sites via SharePoint web development, we work with you to find effective solutions for streamlining processes and organizing data and content.

These are just a few of the many ways in which 3Sharp’s approach to SharePoint development has helped our customers:

    • Display controls for specialized engineering-control software inside SharePoint allow users to access the software through an intranet portal. Users could get at 80% of the functionality they used most frequently without having to learn the application’s more complex user interface.

    • A consulting firm helps clients manage health care claim costs. It had large databases containing a variety of medical information. The firm’s clients had databases with employee claim histories. 3Sharp built a system that allowed the firm and its clients to view these data sets together, which provided new insight about policy design and managing health care costs.

    • Kontiki created a YouTube-like application that firms can use within their company firewalls (Kontiki and SharePoint.) This allows corporate users to post, share, and rate video information easily using the existing SharePoint infrastructure.