SharePoint Application Integration

SharePoint Application Integration

SharePoint application integration is like having a huge door that opens to your business world. Through a single portal or dashboard, you can access many of your applications and data in a secure environment. You can track projects, share ideas, collaborate, and see these applications from your office or in the cloud. Microsoft Office integration with SharePoint further enhances and streamlines productivity.

Benefits of SharePoint Application Integration

SharePoint application integration provides many benefits for IT managers, independent software vendors (ISVs), and sales managers alike. Here are just a few of these benefits.

For IT managers SharePoint integration:

  • Makes line-of-business applications (any application used in the business) widely available to appropriate employees.
  • Gets more use out of current business technology, which increases return on investment (ROI).
  • Delivers information to the people who need it to make decisions.
  • Accomplishes more work in less time.
  • Customizes your workflows.

For ISVs and sales managers, integration with SharePoint:

  • Integrates specialty applications with SharePoint to make them attractive to corporations, who can build these applications into a SharePoint intranet and make them widely available within the client organization.
  • Provides greater customer control. By using either SharePoint 2010 integration or SharePoint 2013 integration, they can present their applications in any way they want.

The 3Sharp Approach to SharePoint Application Integration

When it comes to SharePoint application integration, 3Sharp shines with our deep expertise in office and collaboration products. We have an inside track to the Microsoft SharePoint Product Group as a trusted vendor since 2002. 3Sharp is familiar with all versions of SharePoint, including the latest SharePoint 2013. As with prior versions, we were using it months before release to create demos for Microsoft executives to present during product launches, trade shows, and internal conferences. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we have worked with Microsoft customers on large, successful SharePoint and Office integration projects.

Here are a few examples of the SharePoint integration services that 3Sharp has provided to our customers to simplify the way they do business:

  • The Women in Technology portal serves as a meeting spot and clearing house for female technical workers in a worldwide corporation. Smart design and relevant, useful content targeted to the community make the site engaging. Features include rotating role model profiles, descriptions of 16 types of technical jobs, an events calendar, resource library, career coach roster, and news briefs.
  • A SharePoint business intelligence dashboard enables detailed analysis of corporate data through an easy-to-use graphical user interface.
  • Kontiki created a YouTube-like application that firms can use within their company firewalls (Kontiki and SharePoint). This application allows corporate users to post, share, and rate video information easily using the SharePoint infrastructure already in place.
  • Pingar enables organizations to use SharePoint and create appropriate metadata in large uncategorized document libraries to speed search.