SharePoint Migration

SharePoint Migration

SharePoint migration is more than just a process of moving content, databases, and sites from one environment to another. A migration to SharePoint is a good time to evaluate a company’s entire environment to determine whether it still working as effectively as intended when it was originally implemented. This evaluation should be conducted before a migration takes place so that you can determine what is working well, what needs to be fixed, and ensure that the new environment will meet your business goals.

Migrations are often challenging due to their complexity and multi-layered activities. To accomplish a migration successfully, good planning and preparation are critical. An organization that specializes in SharePoint content migration and SharePoint data migration can help you evaluate your existing environment, design and develop a migration plan, and carry out the migration. These experts can also help you determine when it’s a good time to migrate, based on the environmental assessment.

The Benefits of SharePoint Migration

A skillful SharePoint migration provides the following benefits:

  • Appropriate use of migration tools allows content and data to be moved more easily.
  • Advanced planning can prevent major migration issues.
  • Reevaluation of current business processes permits the creation of new, efficient process rather than expensive migration of an inefficient one.
  • Consideration of farm design, use patterns and structure can greatly enhance performance.
  • New product features may permit many new application options to be easily achieved.

The 3Sharp Approach to SharePoint Migration

3Sharp has helped its customers with many SharePoint migrations. With our expertise, we can assist you in evaluating your current environment to determine whether it still meets your business objectives. We can also identify areas for improvement, when needed, and execute the migration.  We may help you realize that some content, data, or processes should simply be archived or discarded rather than migrated.

Here are some examples of how 3Sharp has helped our customers achieve successful SharePoint migrations:

  • 3Sharp moved a secure government portal tracking maintenance readiness system from SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2010. The increased capabilities of the new platform gave them greatly enhanced reporting capability, better management alerts through the creation of simple workflows, and the ability to assess the overall readiness of many complex installations with a uniform, simple dashboard and process.
  • We also helped a national consulting firm with more than 150 offices and 4,000 employees convert its intranet from Lotus Notes to SharePoint 2010. The older software was unstructured and in many regards “homespun.” It was very difficult to maintain, control, or improve performance as the organization grew or changed. SharePoint, in addition to providing literally dozens of new social, records management, security and data presentation features, gave users clean interfaces and out-of-the box applications that were much easier to administer and maintain.
  • 3Sharp moved a regional religious organization from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010. In addition to the many new product features, the migration allowed the organization to take advantage of improvements in underlying hardware and newer operating systems. Performance improved greatly and they gained much higher system availability using new features such as mirroring and high-availability software.