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Account-based marketing can lead to awesome demos

The recent trend toward account-based marketing, as laid out in Engagio’s ABM guide, “The Clear & Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing,” can teach us all the dos and don’ts about putting together a demo for a strategic client. 


What is account-based marketing?


At its simplest, account-based marketing is focused marketing and sales efforts on a relatively small number of strategic accounts. This includes learning everything you can about these accounts:  

  • Who are the decision makers? The influencers? Any blockers?
  • What are the various buying centers within the account?
  • What are their key initiatives for the year?

Once you have this information, you can then use this knowledge to target very specific marketing content to the appropriate roles within each account’s buying center.    


Account-based marketing and your demos


We’ve discussed successful sales demos in previous posts and covered how they focus more on your software benefits than simply its features.  This is a subtle yet incredibly powerful difference when you’re trying to convey the true value of your technology to a potential customer. ABM takes this concept to an entirely different level. With ABM, you are less focused on the generic benefits of your software and instead you’re hyper-focused on how your software can benefit your target accounts.  


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In their ABM guide, Engagio quotes a study done by the Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA).

“The 3 most important factors in shortlisting and making a final decision on an enterprise sale” are:


  • Knowledge and understanding of my unique business issues

  • Knowledge and understanding of my industry

  • Fresh ideas to advance my business

Of course, this process can take months of research and is far beyond the purview of a single Sales Engineer. However, as a Sales Engineer, even if your company is not currently practicing ABM, the least you can do is spark the conversation with your sales representatives, and you can opt to be a little choosier regarding which sales representatives get your attention. If one representative shows a true understanding of the concepts above, then you both will be in a much better position to design and create a killer software product demo.  And, of course, you are that much closer to closing that deal.  


Just imagine how well received your next software demo will be if instead of focusing on features alone, you directly address the unique business issues of your customer. The account-based marketing approach strategically positions you to offer ideas that can directly advance the business of your targeted accounts.  It’s a win-win.


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