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Adobe Summit day two: marketing is storytelling

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The second day of the Adobe Summit has been nothing short of inspirational.  Adobe brings customer experience to a whole other level – they are the Experience Makers.  With speakers like Jensen Huang, JJ Watt, and Richard Branson, it’s easy to see how Adobe is transforming their audience from Experience Thinkers to Experience Makers.

Experience maker all-stars

Jensen Huang, NVIDIA

Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe, and Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, kicked things off this morning with a discussion on future possibilities of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.  The way they explained the relationship between the two was very memorable – VR is a wormhole to a virtual world… AR is a wormhole for AI-agents to step into ours…” – In light of this ever-changing world of technology, Jensen pointed out how important it is to understand the need for creativity and to recognize the role reinvention plays in experience making. As he summed it up, “Everyone has a story to tell”.

JJ Watt, NFL

Continuing with the importance of storytelling in experience making, JJ Watt shared his story of using the power of social media to help raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims. He raised over 30 million dollars for victims of Hurricane Harvey, and he has and will remain a supporter of the hurricane victims. Humanitarian work is experience making, and JJ spoke to the importance of being goal oriented, and what steps to take in order to accomplish such important objectives.  He stressed the importance of understanding the difference between future, immediate goals, and daily goals and shared examples of what questions to ask, like, “What do I need to do today to make my dreams come true?” Definitely a true inspiration on humanitarian work.  His address was a powerful example of how much can be accomplished through storytelling, marketing, and social media.

Richard Branson, Virgin Records

Although most people associate him with Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines, Richard Branson is also well known as a humanitarian. He emphasized that even if they seem insignificant, tiny things matter  And this is very evident in experience making.  He encouraged his audience to remember to always “teach, inspire and stimulate.”  He emphasized that best experience you can give a customer is to be a good listener, no matter if you’re running an international airline, paving the way for future, affordable space travel, or founding Virgin Unite, a non-profit uniting people and entrepreneurial ideas to create a better world.

Marketing is storytelling

Sound familiar?  At 3Sharp, we aspire to help our customers to tell their story and help them inform, excite, and win deals.  We understand that when it comes to technical marketing storytelling and making experiences matter.  Our Technical Sales Enablement program ensures the stories being told during a demo align well with the high-level messaging you’ve already perfected and distributed through your other sales and marketing channels. Adobe Summit is pushing for their attendees to become experience makers, and as a Sharpie, I think we are definitely on the road to being experience makers for you.

Adobe Summit runs through tomorrow, March 29th.  Next up is the Adobe Summit Bash and BECK!  

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