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Adobe Summit: Adobe takes marketing seriously

Adobe Summit

I just finished up a pre-day session at the Adobe Summit conference. I enjoyed being with so many F500/blue chip companies, all sharing digital marketing strategies, challenges, issues, hang-ups, and victories.

Pre-conference training

The session was run by two professors from Eastern Tennessee University who have built a program that gives their students hands-on practical experience doing marketing work for organizations while they are getting their marketing degree.

This reminded me very strongly of Christian Buckley at Collab Talk and his program that involves local grad students in their marketing research projects. They’ve done some great work. It’s so cool to see the industry give students practical, hands-on experience that are delivering useful results!

In any case, props to Adobe for offering this day-long session focused on a somewhat agnostic take on a digital marketing practice. We covered personalization, mobile strategies, customer journeys, content strategies and more.

Personally, I was thrilled to hear the emphasis in the shift in language from talking about a product to talking about customer experiences. This fits very well with our experiences at 3Sharp, emphasizing benefits, not features.

Become an Experience Maker.

Adobe Summit runs through this Thursday, 3/29.

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