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Bridging the gap between engineering and marketing

Traditional marketers and today’s sales engineers don’t always speak the same language.

While marketers communicate from a marketing lens, often focused on long-term and high-level company goals, engineers live on the other side of the spectrum, typically with their minds on specific features and individual products. 

With these oftentimes misaligned and conflicting approaches, it can be challenging for both teams to get behind a unified marketing strategy that boosts revenue, drives user retention, and showcases the technical value of your product.

To bridge this gap, it’s best to leverage technical marketing.

What is Technical Marketing?

Technical Marketing is any method of direct marketing that’s focused on the key features of a product.

Additionally, the term has also been used to define any use of modern technology as a marketing tool.

To tie these two definitions together, a company can leverage both the research data provided by marketing teams as well as the deep technical insights of the product team to create potent marketing materials that address client needs. Further, these assets can be placed in strategic media channels by the marketing team to maximize potential reach.

Examples of technical marketing

  • Product demos
  • Software tutorials
  • Live demo environments

Technical Marketing takes the technical
and makes it practical

Your technical marketing assets show potential customers how your technology can resolve their specific issues. By blending your engineer’s technical knowledge and your marketing team’s story, your company creates a cohesive communication strategy that’s more effective in generating leads and landing sales than feature-focused assets or simple branding do on their own.

We are technical marketing experts

Technical marketing is what 3Sharp does.

Let us help you bring your product to life and turn your technology into your customer’s most valuable assets. Learn more.

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