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Things to consider when preparing to demo on an expo floor

We have posted many-a-blog with tips for creating the most effective sales demos. While there are some standard approaches that apply to all demos, you must remember that demos come in all shapes and sizes. From keynotes for an audience of thousands, to the one-on-one quick run-through, the way you design your demo will need to be adjusted in order to get the most bang for your buck.

The Do’s and Dont’s of showing live demos on an expo floor.

An expo floor is often crowded and noisy. Conference attendees are typically rushing from booth to booth to grab the coolest SWAG or browsing between sessions. The crowds ebb and flow throughout the day and you almost never have a dedicated audience. Some companies really shine on the expo floor and some completely flop. Consider these things when preparing to show live demos on the expo floor of any conference, big or small.

Be prepared for anything.

  • Quick bites to reel them in.
    Because time is precious in the sea of sameness, make sure your demos are quick and can be consumed in as little as 30 seconds. Keep your points clear and concise.
  • Emphasize wow moments in your click-paths.
    Give your audience a taste for more. Tailor your talking points and click path to illustrate the big wins your solution provides. Show your audience the coolest stuff and make them want to reach out after the conference has concluded.
  • Longevity wins the race.
    Very little time with each audience can equate to very little time to re-set after a demo. As a result, the rush-hour of an expo floor can be like one very long, disjointed demo. Prepare your demo environment to be able to run multiple demos in a row without requiring a re-start or content refresh.
  • Be flexible.
    If you feel crazy scrambling to answer questions and show the very best of your solution when your booth is full, imagine how your potential customers feel. Often, they just want to get in and get out. Because of the quick pace, you will find customers wanting to steer the direction of the demo toward their interests. Always allow for this. Have a standard demo or 2 lined up but always be prepared to shift the conversation and the click-steps to showcase what the customer is interested in.

Optimization pays off.

  • Don’t shove your dirty laundry in the closet.
    Quick, customer-led demos tend to veer off the happy-path. Clear your environment of clutter. If you have shoved a bunch of your old files into your proverbial “closet” be prepared for a customer to spot the mess. Integrating supporting files into your demo environment through rich content can hide your “mess” in plain sight.
  • Be device-friendly.
    In today’s mobile-first world, device compatibility is very important. Consider showcasing your solution on multiple devices and operating systems. This will give your customers the chance to get hands-on with phones or tablets and also allow you to further tailor the demo experience to the device or OS of your customer’s choice.

In closing, exhibiting on the expo floor of a large conference, while sometimes daunting, provides a fantastic way to showcase your product face-to-face with an audience. Make sure your demos are optimized so that you can make the most of the time you have with each customer.

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