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Preparing Your Environment

Build a stable platform.

The best sales demos inform, excite, and engage your customers in an environment designed around their business. Like a stage production, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that you don’t want to draw attention to.
It’s important that your audience experiences a functional business world. To show your product in the best light, It takes a bit of artistry to make that world feel real. Let’s pull back the curtain on a software sales demo and see how the magic is created.
The demo environment you create is where your fictitious personas will act out the narrative. Therefore, the environment must be carefully prepped for the story you want to tell.

Mitigate technical issues.

Are there new or yet-to-be-released features that aren’t available out of the box? How do those features get enabled in your environment?
We suggest you work closely with product engineers to have access to features and ensure none of your configuration interferes with how the product works. Sometimes during the process, you may even help uncover bugs!

Prepare a content matrix to keep track of those key demo assets.

In addition, it is also important that content is integrated appropriately. After working hard to create assets for rich experiences, you want to make sure those assets don’t get misplaced or lost in the middle of a demo.
As with many phases of the demo build process, attention to detail and careful organization are integral to success. A content matrix can be a very useful tool for determining what goes where, as well as ensuring things get placed as planned. This could be as simple as a detailed list in Excel. Here at 3Sharp, we love to incorporate Teams and often use OneNote to track our content.
Careful consideration is imperative while preparing the environment to demo. Therefore, thoughtful and collaborative configuration, organized and attentive planning both have a significant role to play in making your product shine.

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