Embedding Excel Files in SharePoint 2013

You may have noticed that you can now embed dynamic content onto a SharePoint 2013 page as an iframe element. This means you can also embed Office 2013 documents onto your SharePoint pages. You can grab the embed information from a menu option in the live preview for PowerPoint 2013 and Word 2013 files, as shown here:

Embed information

For some reason, the same menu option does not appear in the live preview for Excel 2013 files. However, you can still embed these files on your SharePoint 2013 pages. The easiest way to do this is to copy the embed information for a PowerPoint 2013 or Word 2013 file that is in the same location as the Excel 2013 file. When embedding the file, update the src , height , and width attributes of the iframe element accordingly:

Update the iframe element

Note that you do not get the toolbar when embedding Excel files, as would be the case if you were surfacing a workbook through Excel Web Access. On the other hand, we have seen certain features (e.g., text queries) prevent workbooks from being displayed within Excel Web Access; those same features (in most cases) will not prevent an embedded workbook from displaying.

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  1. This is great information because I’ve been trying to figure out how to embed Excel into my SharePoint 2013 page and until this couldn’t figure it out. Works great!

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