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Enjoy the journey to Microsoft Inspire 2018

So many people who are attending Microsoft Inspire 2018 are ‘behind the curtain’.  Peter Kelly, our 3Sharp President, has seen keynotes evolve through the years, and he has some great advice for those who are attending with the goal to both network with, and support, their partners.

What is your title and what do you do?

I am the President at 3Sharp.  My role is to set strategic direction and goals for the company.  I co-lead the Senior Leadership Team with John Peltonen.  My core tactical function is to figure out how we deliver our product to the customer.  It’s like an engine.  John brings in the fuel, and I figure out how to make the engine run and process that fuel.

What will you be doing at Inspire?

Peter Kelly

I will assist with the Dynamics Keynote and train some of our team members, like Narins Bergstrom, to support a keynote.

What tip would you give to an Inspire attendee?

I’ve never been an attendee at Inspire.  I’ve always been behind the curtain.  So my advice would be to someone who is going to be supporting at Inspire is: Be there early!  It is much better to have spare time than to not have enough.  When you arrive early to the event or keynote you are supporting, then you are available to help craft the message the customer wants to send and to ensure things run smoothly.  Oh, and don’t try to do too many things.  There is always spillage, so take the steps necessary to minimize it.

Are there any Corenote Speakers that you are looking forward to hearing?

Definitely Alysa Taylor, the corporate vice president of Business Applications and Global Industry at Microsoft, who will be speaking at the Dynamics Keynote.  She is great, and really going places within Microsoft.  Also, Jason Zander, the executive vice president of the Microsoft Azure team in the cloud and AI group, is an interesting guy.  I remember being in a meeting with him a few years back and thinking ‘Wow, this guy is one to watch!”  At Inspire he will be leading a session on Azure, the hybrid cloud opportunity and the expanding role of artificial intelligence.

Are you looking forward to any parties?

I don’t usually attend the official Inspire parties.  Instead, I really enjoy taking my team out for a celebratory dinner a few days before. Definitely not the night before, because it is important we all get our rest.  And, when you celebrate before you can focus on the effort put into the project and the camaraderie experienced during the project.  It is nice to not have all of your celebrating hinge on how well the event goes.  Take some time to celebrate the journey.

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