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The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in our Existence

The History of AI


Since its inception back in the 1950’s, Artificial Intelligence has been taking off over the last few years. Recently, companies, both large and small, have made many advancements in Artificial Intelligence, and specifically in quantum computing.  Back in the day, quantum computing was a technology only thought to be featured on the Sci-Fi channel or in Quantum Leap.  Now, it is becoming more common and is being integrated more into our everyday lives.


AI and Super Computers


Supercomputers are getting smarter with new information being fed into them every second.  For example, neural networks are said to be so advanced, they are described as a computerized construct of the human brain.  Neurons within the network will fire when information received matches the provided input.  These neurons will also recognize pictures through multiple layers.  This neuron recognition can range from simple shapes to more complex shapes, to even recognizing the finest details, such as scars, eye shapes, tattoos and more.

Facial recognition software is a perfect example of this.  It can utilize the power of neural networks to receive thoughts of pictures, content, and data.  This software is so advanced, it is said to have the ability to accurately discern and recognize a person’s features.  On top of this, the software continues to learn and improve on decision-making skills. Essentially, the software writes and upgrades itself, which is even a huge leap in technology since the early 2000’s.


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AI and the Future


As long as there is a yearning to accomplish more, technology will continue to grow and improve.  Over time, Artificial Intelligence will also inevitably continue to grow and improve. The future of Artificial Intelligence is so exciting, and it can honestly never fully be explained in such a short blog post.  But at least this is a start.

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