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Ignite Pre-Pre Setup

A Forklift at the Orange County Convention Center

It was a busy day for the 3Sharp crew. Most of the on-site crew spent it deep in the heart of the Orange County Convention Center. We were busy wrangling execs for the keynote demo rehearsals and setting up demo kiosks on the expo floor. There was plenty of Segway and Forklift dodging, stressing out over blown schedules, missing execs, questionable hardware and even a few last minute changes to work into the script.

SIgn showing the various activities at the Ignite 2017 Immersion Zone
All sorts of stuff planned for the Ignite 2017 Immersion Zone. Will we see you there?

Of course, before any of this can be enjoyed, there are still some moving parts that need to be assembled…

Crates and partially put together booths on the Expo Floor at Ignite 2017
There is lots still to do to get ready for the 10’s of thousands of folks who will be on this floor in just two days!

It’s not surprising a few of us ended up at the Cabana bar at the Dolphin this evening. What does your pre-Ignite Prep look like?


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