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Sharpies who have had interesting careers

Sharpies who have had interesting careers
Every child wants to be something when they grow up. Some people followed that route and others didn’t. But people changing their careers as adults is more rare. Many of us at 3Sharp come from a wide spectrum of industries and talents. Here are a few Sharpies who have had interesting careers.

Richard Thomson

My name is Richard Thomson, I am an Account Manager at 3Sharp. Before I joined 3Sharp I did some web development although my background was not strictly technical or consulting in nature. I was an instructor at Joint Base Lewis McChord working as an Advanced marksmanship and Urban warfare instructor/trainer. I trained everyone from soldiers, sailors and airmen getting ready to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan to the Coast Guard and even the Puerto Rican National Guard. Making the transition into technical marketing and consulting was an interesting journey. I’ve learned a lot and I continue to learn new things constantly.

"Take accountability for yourself and lead from the front."
Richard Thomson

One of the things that my previous experience has taught me is that being a great leader means first understanding what a good follower and team player is also. Take accountability for yourself and lead from the front. It’s okay to make mistakes. Stand by your decisions if you believe they are the best course of action. Finally, learn from your own successes and failures.

Morgan Winter

Morgan Brooke Winter

I am a Solutions Consultant at 3Sharp as well as an active part of the marketing team. My employment history is a little bit different and a lot a bit nerdy. My first career was as a Laboratory Technician at a molecular biology company. My daily tasks included PCR amplification, electrophoresis and running Adobe-based programs on robots. I was able to use my technical lab knowledge to help assist the IT team in making their system become more efficient, based on the needs of the lab. Sparking a fire. I joined a coding boot camp.

"Patience and research will help you through it."

I knew I wanted to get into development, so I joined a full-stack coding boot camp! During the course I was able to make the right connections and jump right into a company upon graduating. It was a great fit for me really getting into my groove with being a Technical Evangelist. I got to demo and talk about our products at amazing conferences surrounded by emerging technologies.

Then I found myself at 3Sharp! I find that utilizing my technical demo knowledge really works well with the way 3Sharp does demos. By creating vibrant and rich demo environments, I research technologies that work well with the product to leverage a better story. I’ve learned(the hard way) that sometimes things don’t always work the way they are supposed to, but some patience and research will help you through it.

Candice Benton

I’m  the Office Manager and a member of the Marketing team at 3Sharp. Before I joined 3Sharp a little over two years ago, my career path was entirely different: I was an animal trainer/zookeeper.

For over 10 years, I worked with animals (and people!) to teach communities about wildlife conservation and sustainability. A typical day for me ranged from cleaning up after animals, training behaviors, event coordination and logistics, exhibit maintenance, staff scheduling, and speaking to groups ranging anywhere from 15 people to an audience of 500+. Every day was completely different from the last, and it was a wonderfully rewarding experience.

"Take a deep breath and think through the circumstances."

This experience taught me so much. But the one thing that stands out amongst the rest, is that it taught me to think on my feet. Keep calm and carry on. I’ve learned through the many unexpected experiences I’ve encountered to take a deep breath and think through the circumstances. Be flexible because no matter how much you’ve practiced, something is bound to break or go wrong.

I’m beyond grateful that 3Sharp saw in me something other than an animal behaviorist. They saw that despite my “unique experiences”, I’m a very capable Sharpie. So much so, that I’ve had the opportunity to switch gears yet again and join the Office+ crew as a Technical Marketing Consultant. There are great things to come!

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