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Book Review: The 7 Rules of Sales Engineering by Jay Kiros

With all of the travel I’ve been doing lately, I’ve had plenty of time to enjoy books, both fun and trade-related. Since we’ve been doing a fair amount of blog posts for sales engineers, I thought I’d review a book written just for you: The 7 Rules of Sales Engineering, by Jay Kiros.

The 7 Rules of Sales Engineering

First off, it’s short, coming in at a pamphlet-sized 48 pages. If you have a long flight, bring something in addition to read or watch. Of course, the benefit is that Jay Kiros packs in some valuable gems in a small package. According to my Amazon Kindle app, 159 passages have been highlighted a total of 2,402 times. I’m not sure how Amazon determines what makes a unique passage, but that’s over 3 per page, which I think is quite impressive (and potentially algorithm questioning).

The 7 Rules of Sales Engineering, according to Kiros are:

  1. Know Your Product

  2. Know Your Competition

  3. Know Your Client

  4. Have a Plan

  5. Convey, not Convince

  6. Tell a Story

  7. Add a Touch of Magic

My favorite aspect of this book is Kiros’ willingness to share his own missteps in many of these categories – using them as teachable moments. In fact, this frequently is an interview topic of mine. Success is great, but it is usually through failure that we learn the most.

All-in-all, it is a quick read that is both enjoyable and has some great gems for sales engineers.


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    Jay Kiros

    Hey 3Sharp!

    Want to thank you for picking up my book, The 7 Rules of Sales Engineering. I have enormous respect and admiration for my Sales Engineer Brothers and Sisters and have dedicated my career to sharing every painful lesson I have learned over the years. You see, I never had a Sales Engineer mentor, so everything was trial by fire. There were some awkward times back in the day, which is why I want to empower all Sales Engineers to focus on the basics, and realize in every mistake there is a lesson.

    It warms my heart to see symmetry in the values I teach, and the value I see in 3Sharp.

    Wishing you and your client’s much success.

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