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Know your audience when crafting a sales demo

Not all technical product demos are created equal. Presentations that target your audience and focus on their interests and needs are more likely to result in deeper conversations, partnerships, and sales. To understand your audience can be the difference between simply having a meeting and successfully closing the deal.

Knowing your audience is key when preparing a software product demo

When designing sales demos at 3Sharp, we separate our audience into four main categories:


Technical Decision Maker


Business Decision Maker

Each audience member type has unique interests and concerns, which you should factor in to your demo approach.

How to understand your unique audience

Ask questions. Do your research. Put yourself in their shoes.

Take time to assess who you will be speaking to and make sure your messaging is on-point to address their individual interests and concerns.

These three questions will help you craft a relevant and meaningful sales demo.

1. Do you have different demos based on your audience?

2. Do you have different demo paths through your software products based on that audience?

2. How do those paths meet your audience’s interest and concerns?


Audience Infographic

Tell your best product story

Tech storytelling is what we do.

3Sharp designs industry-leading product demos for companies like Microsoft. We create easy-to-present and easy-to-understand content that’s focused on accelerating sales cycles and turning your technology into your customer’s most valuable assets. Let us help you land the sale with relevant and compelling demo materials. Learn more.

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