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Live technical marketing demos: The agony of thrash, the thrill of victory

Narins Bergstrom, a 3Sharp Program Manager, shares learnings from her technical marketing experiences and details how one of our very own demo wizards, Richard Thomson, helped support the introduction of Microsoft 365 this past week at Microsoft Inspire 2017.

Creating a great technical sales demo depends on product knowledge, awesome creativity, and good communication skills. Working with brand new technologies, which may still be in various stages of production, is a part of life in the technical marketing world.  These challenges can become especially acute when the demo is part of a live event.

Thanks to our broad experience creating field demos (the work horses of technical sales enablement), the 3Sharp team is well versed in our customer’s products and value propositions. We leverage this knowledge to help Product Marketing Managers demo their offerings amid the glitz and glamour of the conference stage. From script writing, device configuration, and environment staging to onsite technical support, we get involved as early as possible and work closely with our customers to ensure the narrative speaks to and wows the audience.

A great example is the support 3Sharp provided Microsoft this week at the Inspire partners conference, where we helped Catherine Boeger introduce Microsoft 365 Business. This was a complex demo, requiring us to weave multiple environments together to tell a story that revealed the value of Microsoft 365 Business to various levels of the small/medium business ecosystem. Does thrash threaten to take over when there are so many moving parts? Sure. So how did we manage it and still help our customer deliver a flawless demo? We moved quickly along the production chain, scaling our product knowledge to align with the new technology. This required proactive communication with the marketing and engineering teams. We tapped previous experience with onsite support to ensure logistical readiness, including a lot of backups (devices and environments). For both content and problem solving we relied on the team’s creativity and ability to pivot quickly. Planning and executing live technical marketing demos can be chaotic (and stressful), but using our skill set to produce a great demo and helping our partners be comfortable and successful on stage is a wonderful outcome.


Our demo wizards have seen it all. Stay tuned for more in this series!


One of 3Sharp’s key objectives is to ensure our demos are meeting the needs of our customer’s audience, whether it is equipping technical sales people with demo tools, providing conference keynote demo support, or simply telling a better product story that informs, excites, and wins deals.  


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