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Live Tile Framework Update: Responsive Design

In a recent blog, 3Sharp co-worker David Gerhardt posted an introduction to the Live Tile Framework (also known as the Modern Productivity Platform or MPP) for SharePoint. MPP is a solution accelerator that includes Modern UI style (live) tiles, SharePoint list- and library-driven content, SharePoint-Yammer integration, and real-time data presentation with Excel Services.

In this blog, we report an important update to the MPP, Responsive Design. Responsive Design automatically senses the size of the browser window and adjusts tile placement as needed. This optimizes the viewing experience for any device, whether it be a desktop, tablet, or phone. For example, on a wide screen desktop display such as 1680 x 1050 pixels, you may see all tiles in a single horizontal row:

Responsive Design Full Screen
If the viewing device limits the horizontal resolution to smaller values, tiles are automatically re-located so as to enable vertical scrolling. For example, below is the same site, but in a 1280 x 1024 pixel browser window. Responsive design automatically moved the “Social and Communication” tile group down and below the “Task & Schedule” group. These tiles are viewed using the vertical scroll bar.

2014-11-12_14-13-00 1280x1024
Finally, in a narrow-format browser such as might be present on a “portrait view” phone, the tiles move again to form a single vertical column of tile groups. Below is the view on a 512-pixel wide screen. Note also that the view links (Employee View, Manager View, and Off the Clock) collapse to a “hamburger” icon at the upper right.

Responsive Design 512x1000
Responsive Design is an important advancement because it optimizes the Live Tile framework for all your devices, automatically adjusting the view as needed. If you are interested in having 3Sharp set the MPP up for your company, please fill out the contact form on our Web site, and we will respond accordingly.