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The Microsoft 365 Demo Platform: empowering your PMMs and Sales teams with amazing demos

Microsoft 365 Demo Platform

The Microsoft 365 Demo a holistic approach to empowering Microsoft’s field and partners with access to best-in-class demos. It exists to help the global Microsoft sales team and the Worldwide Microsoft partner network to shorten sales cycles and enable their entire sales force to tell a comprehensive and consistent Microsoft 365 story across Azure, Office 365, and Windows client. 3Sharp is the partner that both maintains and provides content for this platform. We have worked closely with the Microsoft Product Marketing Managers (PMMs), product groups, and engineering teams to put together a best-in-class demo environment.

The Microsoft 365 Demo Platform delivers fully configured live demo environments across Office 365, Azure, and Windows. These environments include over 20 users, multiple gigabytes of content, discussion threads, populated inboxes, and more. Over 200 separate demo scripts enable the salesperson to tell a customized story specific to their audience and in a way that is consistent with Microsoft’s brand messaging.  

Microsoft 365 Demo Platform benefits

A seamless experience:

With the Microsoft 365 Demo Platform, all users need to do is click a button and the demo is ready and available to them. There is no need to set up an environment ahead of time. Furthermore, when using a Virtual Machine, there is no need to go through the process of joining a tenant to the environment. These experiences used to feel very disjointed. Now, busy salespeople get the client and Windows experience, as well as the tenant without having to waste time doing setup work.

My Environments customization:

The My Environments section eliminates the hassle of having your environments and scripts in different places. This saves users valuable time as they don’t need to search for these assets every time they need them.

Organized content:

The content on the Microsoft 365 Demo Platform is organized in a way that allows salespeople to quickly discover the content they need. Organized sections and search capabilities allow them to drill down to other topics of interest and importance based on environment, scenarios, etc.

Long-lasting virtual machines:

While the demo platform does provide a Windows client VM, these are short-lived and will be deprovisioned after 8 hours of idling. For the more complex sale that requires customized clients, the Demo Platform allows sales engineers to bring their own Azure subscriptions into which the VMs will be provisioned. At this point, the VM belongs to the sales engineer. They can manage it whenever they want, and it is tied to a tenant. This is a huge benefit for complex sales cycles that are outside of the 90-minute window.

Microsoft 365 Demo Platform highlights

The first thing that grabs your attention when visiting the Microsoft 365 Demo Platform is the banner highlighting the four featured environments; Microsoft 365 Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Business, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Education.


Below a banner highlights noteworthy news and information, and further down are the featured demos. At the bottom of the page, the ‘Getting Started’ Guide walk users through the necessary steps to get started on the Microsoft 365 Demo Platform. And of course, all areas can be easily navigated to using the menu bar at the top of the webpage.

After selecting an environment, in this case, Microsoft 365 Business, visitors are presented with scenarios designed to fit their specific needs. By clicking ‘Learn More’, further details are displayed regarding what the product demo applies to, topics the demo addresses, and the audience the demo is geared to. On the right, users can select the asset they would like to view and use.


The My Environments tab gives users the ability to create a tenant or Virtual Machine (VM). When creating a tenant, the option is presented to customize the tenant or open a quick tenant that will be available for immediate use, is pre-provisioned, and belongs to the user for a selected amount of time.



3Sharp is excited to utilize our 16+ years of experience in the technical sales enablement space to empower Project Marketing Managers and their sales teams with amazing demos on the Microsoft 365 Demo Platform. By partnering with Microsoft we hope to help the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Network to tell a more comprehensive, consistent, and coherent story to their customers.

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