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Make your data come to life with Excel 3D Maps

The Power of 3D Maps


Did you know there is a hidden gem in the Insert tab of your Excel ribbon?

Built-in to Excel 2016, 3D Maps gives you the power to create a truly insightful business intelligence tool.  To get started, all you need is a data-set with location information.  You will find 3D Maps by clicking the Insert tab, and under 3D Map, click Open 3D Maps.


Excel will give you options to display your data on a map in a full 3D rendering.  Your data is presented in “Tours”, which are made up of “Scenes.”  Each scene is a visual representation of your data and can be animated and interactive.


It is easy to change the way your data is presented.  Through the use of a flat map or globe display options, you can use various themes that drive the color of your map background elements.  When manipulating how your data is displayed, the experience is akin to the pivot tables all us Excel buffs are familiar with.


You have several different charting options – stacked columns, clustered columns, heat maps and more.  To add visual impact to your data presentation, you can also combine charting options with different themes and map views.  To add visual impact to your data presentation, place your created scenes in a sequence, as shown in the below sample demo.


In this sample demo, we have rendered a video of sales data using 3D Maps.  Each scene is tied together seamlessly, giving you the ability to tell a truly compelling data story.

Next time you need to present your sales data, try using 3D Maps for even more impact and insight!

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