Make Your Next Sales Demo the Remedy

John Peltonen, one of 3Sharp’s Founding Partners, shares learnings from his Technical Marketing experiences when sales demos lean toward prescription vs. diagnosis in our latest installment of our Demo Wizards series.

Is your sales demo the remedy?

Without fail, when I sit down with a prospective customer, they have already diagnosed their problem, determined a “remedy”, and have decided that 3Sharp is a good fit.  Sometimes, especially if it’s been a long week and I’m tired, I’m tempted to just write the prescription and give them a quote.

However, in my 20+ years of consulting, I can only think of 2 instances where a customer’s “prescription” matched the actual remedy of their problem.

Don’t just prescribe. Diagnose!

Dan Adams, of Trust Triangle Selling fame, equates this approach to walking into a doctor’s office, telling the doctor what your malady is and then asking for a prescription.  If a doctor chose to prescribe a remedy the patient suggested without a thorough exam, it would inevitably lead to a malpractice lawsuit and the doctor would be banned from practicing medicine.  A doctor has a thorough process designed to give the best care possible to his/her patient, and so should you.

When you are meeting with your prospects, never forget that YOU are the expert.  You are the doctor, and they are consulting you for the remedy to their problem.  As a sales expert, it is your job diagnose the problem and provide the cure.  Use your stethoscope and start diagnosing before you write the prescription with your sales demo, and both you and your customer will be on the path to success.


Demo Wizard Tip:

Be prepared for your prospect to say, “just show me the demo” without any prep.  It will happen.  I’ll usually say something like, “I’m very much looking forward to jumping into the demo, but first, I want to make sure I cover all the issues that you’re concerned about.  To begin, I’d like to spend some time understanding what you’re looking for this product to solve so that I can be sure to customize the demo to your needs…”.  Your customer will begin to understand your process of fully understanding their needs, and in turn, this will help build a trust between you and the customer.

Always remember, giving a sales demo without first diagnosing the problem they are looking to solve is doing them a disservice.  Don’t “lose your license” to deliver a great product demo!


Our Demo Wizards have seen it all.  Stay tuned for more in this series!


One of 3Sharp’s key objectives is to ensure our demos are meeting the needs of our customer’s audience, whether it is equipping technical sales people with demo tools, providing conference keynote demo support, or simply telling a better product story that informs, excites, and wins deals.


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