Make Your Next Sales Demo a Memorable Classic

John Peltonen, one of 3Sharp’s Founding Partners, shares learnings from his Technical Marketing experiences in our latest installment of our Demo Wizards series.

What’s Your Story?

Which is more fun to read for you, a novel or an encyclopedia?  For me, the answer has always been relatively straightforward – I love a good story!   As a kid, I would frequently hide all day behind my parents living room couch reading a good novel (do you think they knew??).  As both a kid and an adult, I have spent a fair amount of time pouring through the encyclopedia equivalents of the day (Wikipedia, internet RFC’s, etc.), and while these sources offer great information, nothing compares to the illuminating worlds of Tolkien, Herbert, Faulkner, Hemmingway, Le Carré, etc.- I really could go on all day!

Now think about what your customer would prefer reading. If they are a key business decision maker, I guarantee you they will want the novel.  Novels are original and creative.  They have a way of grabbing and holding your attention.  They have a plot, a theme, a protagonist, and a resolution.  As a reader, you’re invested in everything about the story.  This is what you want for your customer.  Encyclopedias are basically lists of data.  While data is useful, contextualizing it with a story catches and retains the attention of your prospective customer.

Focus on the Drama!

When building a software product demo, don’t fall into the trap of writing an encyclopedia entry by focusing solely on product features.  Focus on the drama!  Focus on the prospect’s problems, and, most importantly, tell the story of the resolution to those problems.  By telling a concise & compelling narrative in your sales demo, your product will be more memorable and you will be more likely to leave a positive impression with your prospect.


Even though our world of Technical Marketing implies we need to get “technical” or into the nitty-gritty details, really what we need to do is use our technical know-how to weave a compelling, memorable story with our software.


Our Demo Wizards have seen it all.  Stay tuned for more in this series!


One of 3Sharp’s key objectives is to ensure our demos are meeting the needs of our customer’s audience, whether it is equipping technical sales people with demo tools, providing conference keynote demo support, or simply telling a better product story that informs, excites, and wins deals.  


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