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Make your next sales demo a memorable classic

Which do you find more fun to read: a novel or an encyclopedia?

For me, the answer has always been relatively straightforward – I love a good story! Throughout childhood, I would stay up past bedtime or hide behind the living room couch all day reading.

And as both a kid and an adult, I’ve spent a fair amount of time poring over the encyclopedia equivalents of the day (Wikipedia, Internet RFC’s, etc.), and while these sources offer great information, nothing compares to the illuminating worlds of Tolkien, Herbert, Faulkner, Hemmingway, Le Carré… I could go on all day.

What's your demo story?

Now consider which text your customer would prefer to read. 

If they’re a key business decision-maker, I guarantee they’ll want the novel.

Novels are both original and creative. They grab our attention with a plot, theme, protagonist, and resolution. As a reader, you’re invested in everything about the story. And this is precisely how you want your customers to feel as well.

Encyclopedias, however, are essentially lists of data. They provide valuable information and knowledge without the pleasant wrapping of a story.

While it’s true that numbers and data are crucial for decision-makers like me, stories about the information can actually amplify what you’re trying to convey. You’ll catch and retain the attention of your prospective clients by contextualizing your data with a story.

Focus on the drama

When building a software product demo, don’t fall into the trap of writing an encyclopedia focused solely on product features. Instead, concentrate on your prospect’s problems and, most importantly, tell the story of the resolution to those problems.

By telling a concise and compelling narrative in your sales demo, your product will be more memorable and you’ll be more likely to leave a positive impression on your audience.

Even though our world of technical marketing implies we need to be “technical” or dive into the nitty-gritty details, what truly makes the biggest impact is to leverage our technical know-how and expertise to weave compelling and memorable stories with our technology.

Tell your best product story

Tech storytelling is what we do.

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