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Microsoft Ignite 2017: It’s a Wrap!

Microsoft Ignite 2017:  It’s a Wrap!

The last Meet and Greet of Ignite is a wrap. Our 3Sharp team is back at home. We’re taking some time to reflect on all of our experiences at Ignite, and we will happily share these reflections soon. But first, we’d like to explain why Ignite is such a big deal to us. The answer is simple:  Ignite is fueled by demos, and 3Sharp has a hand in a lot of them.

To put it all into perspective:

Team Work.

Every Sharpie on our technical team logged time to an Ignite associated project.

The Hours.

Sharpies logged 3,000 hours to Ignite related projects.

Keynote Sessions.

We were involved with 5 Keynote sessions (including demo creation and onsite support.

Session Support.

We supported 8 sessions (some of them presented multiple times).

Martin Booth.

‘Nuff said. Our 3Sharp Demo Wizard extraordinaire, co-presented 9 Azure breakout sessions.

Microsoft Showcase Support.

3Sharp supported most booths in the Microsoft showcase. This assistance includes: access to tenants through the demo platform, content creation and provisioning, technical and onsite support.

When it comes to technical marketing in the Microsoft ecosystem, 3Sharp is all in, which means Ignite is a pretty exciting time for us!

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