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Microsoft Inspire 2018 day 1 recap: a 3Sharp perspective


Monday, July 16th - Corenote Recap

Key Contributors 

Gavriella Schuster
Gavriella Schuster
Judson Althoff
Brad Smith
Brad Smith
The air was electric during this morning’s Corenote as Gavriella Schuster, VP for One Commercial Partner, took to the stage in front of 17,000 attendees from 132 different countries, a turn out that exceeds all previous conferences since Inspire began 21 years ago.
Gavriella Schuster

Gavriella began in a fashion true to the spirit of partnership that Microsoft Inspire embodies: 

“The one thing that has been consistent through all those 21 years has been the power of our partnership and the success that we have delivered together year after year after year.”

Schuster introduced the thesis of the conference by exploring the on-hand opportunity to meet, discuss, and plan the incredible business opportunities available.

“We are here to identify that next opportunity, to build and plan that next billion-dollar business together, and that’s what you’re going to learn and see and hear this week.”

One of the most exciting topics highlighted during the Corenote was the achievability of the “Blue Sky” opportunity, which is the IDC predicted addressable market of 4.5 trillion dollars that is available in the world of Digital Transformation. Gavriella enforced the idea that this market will be conquered together through the Microsoft partnerships.


Next to the stage was Judson Althoff, EVP Worldwide Commercial Business, with further explanation of this new frontier. He introduced the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem and how it relates to the customer promise.

“You, our partners, bring forward the differentiation that we need to make our customers’ digital transformations come to life. That’s your work, you should be proud of it.”

Judson emphasized that the future would be molded by the Cloud and Intelligent Edge. He also complemented the industry strategy, remarking on how 3 million leads were delivered to the partner ecosystem through the use of account-based marketing, demand generation system, and demand response.


Judson Althoff
Bradf Smith
Brad Smith

Microsoft Chief Legal Officer, Brad Smith took the Corenote in a different direction by addressing the importance of taking responsibility in tech. Focusing on the past year, Smith advised:

“We make technology that is global, but the world is increasingly focused on the borders that divide nations, rather than the technology that connects us.”

Mr. Smith concluded by highlighting the Microsoft acquisition of GitHub, an open source code repository, and how Microsoft plans to use GitHub to achieve their goal of taking responsibility in tech.


Top 3 Quotes that Inspired Us Today!

"And so, I ask you all, what is going to be your growth and your contribution toward getting that four and a half-trillion-dollar addressable market

Gavriella Schuster

"Microsoft's Mission: Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more."

Judson Althoff

"The only way we're going to create systems that serve the world is if we have a workforce that reflects the diversity of the world."

Brad Smith

3Sharp Sightings

While we enjoy soaking it all in, being motivated by exceptional Corenotes, and getting to network – what is truly near and dear to our hearts is being of service to our partners and providing them the services they need. Here are just a couple of ‘3Sharp Sightings’ from today!

Supporting our Partners

Session: Delivering on Microsoft’s vision for intelligent communications

Who was there?: Morgan Winter and Jonathan Blue

What was 3Sharp doing?: You could see Morgan and Jonathan providing demo support to Lori Wright and other contributors as they shared Microsoft Teams can transform your communications practice!

“All of the product innovation we’re delivering in Microsoft Teams continues to be met with unpresented levels of adoption. Customers are finding value in having this single hub for teamwork, for all their collaboration and communication needs.” – Lori Wright, GM Microsoft 365 Teamwork

Highlighted by our Partners

Jack Elmore
Jack Elmore

SessionBuilding a modern workplace today with Microsoft 365

Who: Jack Elmore, Director of Product Marketing

What was said?: Jack Elmore, a panelist, the Microsoft 365 Platform which 3Sharp maintains and provides content for. We are excited to be a partner supporting this platform that is helping to accelerate customer acquisition and improve profitability with managed services and solutions built for Microsoft 365.

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