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Microsoft Inspire 2018 day 3 recap – a 3Sharp perspective

Microsoft Inspire Day 3

The Corenotes

Satya Nadella began his keynote speech at Microsoft Inspire 2018 by addressing the community of both Microsoft Inspire and Microsoft Ready:

“There is no community like this.”

Satya attributed the success and uniqueness of the community to the success of their customers.

“What binds us together is not our success, it’s the success that our customers achieve. Because that’s what makes us as a community as a tech ecosystem, unique and different.”

Opportunity and Responsibility

Satya moved on to point out that along with the progression of technology in society, there must come a set of ethics and principles to guide this paradigm shift. This shift in technology is moving in 3 parallel directions involving people-centered experiences, Artificial Intelligence, and ubiquitous computing.

“We want to make sure that anything we want to do does not amplify bias.”

The Microsoft culture which flourishes through the relationships it hold with its partners and customers is clearly a special passion for Satya:

“I want to close out by talking about our culture. To me, our mission and our culture are the two bookends, the two constants, the two pillars, that are really going to help us continuously renew and drive forward.”

MSInspire Satya

Four Key Takeaways from the Day 3 Corenote

  1. The amount of interconnect cables across Azure data centers is enough to go to the moon and back 3 times over.
  2. Project Natick involves submerging a data center submerged in the ocean and it is completely self-reliant (zero emissions).
  3. The Duplex Demos conversation had the audience, including Sharpies, home at 3Sharp Headquarters, intrigued and mesmerized!
  4. The demonstrations of conceptual scenarios in the future of AI had us reimagining the way companies, including 3Sharp, will work in the future.

3Sharp Sightings

Ron Markezich gave a shout out to the Microsoft 365 Demo, which is a platform that 3Sharp maintains and provides content for. The platform delivers fully configured live demo environments across Office 365, Azure, and windows. We have worked closely with Microsoft Product Marketing Mangers (PMMs), product groups, and engineering teams to put together the best-in-class demo environments.

Microsoft 365 Demo Platform

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