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Microsoft’s Commitment to the Open Source Community, AI, IoT and machine learning

Open source code
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“Today at Connect(); we’re announcing new tools and services that help developers build applications and services for the AI-driven future, using the platforms, languages and collaboration tools they already know and love.”

Open Source Commitment

Toward the later end of 2017 at Microsoft Connect();, Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie noted Microsoft’s commitment to the Open Source community, AI, IoT, and machine learning tools. He also announced new Microsoft data platform technologies and cross-platform developer tools. That, and the addition of Microsoft’s Azure Stack, is going to create a great year to watch Microsoft continue to grow in the cloud community. Guthrie outlined Microsoft’s vision and shared what’s next for developers across a broad range of Microsoft and open source technologies. Also how Microsoft is helping them get more done across apps and platforms.

Microsoft is committing, more than ever to contributing to the open source community. They are also creating new and efficient Microsoft data platform technologies and cross-platform developer tools.

GitHub Roadmap

Furthering their open source partnership, Microsoft and GitHub will extend GVFS support to GitHub.

GVFS is an open source extension to the Git version control system developed by Microsoft.

Joining the MariaDB Foundation

Becoming a Platinum member of the MariaDB community, Microsoft announced a preview for a fully managed MariaDB service in the cloud using preview of Azure Database for MariaDB.

Helping developers get more done using General Availability: Visual Studio App Center

New cloud service for developers to ship higher-quality applications more frequently. Developers can automate the lifecycle of your iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS apps. Connect your repo and within minutes build in the cloud, test on thousands of real devices, distribute to beta testers and app stores, and monitor real-world usage with crash and analytics data.

Azure Databricks

Microsoft worked with the founders of Apache Spark to ensure that Azure Databricks is a fast, easy and collaborative. Apache Spark-based analytics platform that delivers one-click setup, streamlined workflows and an interactive workspace. Allowing native integration with your favorite Azure services to provide analytics and machine-learning for all of your data. Protected by Microsoft’s standards in performance and governance.

Azure Cosmos DB with Apache Cassandra API

The multimodel capabilities of Azure Cosmos DB will now offer Cassandra as a service over turnkey global distribution and industry-leading SLA’s.

Transforming business through analytics and AI

Microsoft cloud services, infrastructure and tools are designed to help any developer embrace AI and create apps across the cloud and the edge, harnessing the power of data and AI.

Azure SQL Database Machine Learning services

Support for R models inside SQL Database makes it seamless for data scientists to develop and train models in Azure Machine Learning. Also, to deploy those models directly to Azure SQL Database to create predictions at blazing-fast speeds.

Azure IoT Edge

Azure IoT Edge preview availability, enabling AI, advanced analytics and machine learning at the Internet of Things (IoT) edge.

For all other Microsoft Connect(); news, check out their event page.

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