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Spotlight on Microsoft Teams Calling Features

At 3Sharp one of our favorite things about being technical marketing demo wizards is our first look access to cool new products and features. A year ago, we were in New York, supporting Satya Nadella behind the scenes as he introduced Microsoft Teams. Over the past year, we’ve had front row seats to the evolution of this new, powerful communication and collaboration tool.


Introducing Microsoft Teams Calling


At Ignite 2017, we helped Microsoft build and present demos announcing newly expanded meeting and calling features of Microsoft Teams.  It was easy to see then that these features will change the way we work at 3Sharp.  We currently have a hybrid system of Skype for Business and old school telephones.  This era of communication is clearly over, as our requirements are continually being better integrated into Office 365. The online version of Skype for Business is effectively being absorbed into Microsoft Teams, taking current capabilities with it.  This will make calling easier than ever with built-in PSTN calling, voicemail, contact management, and more.  



Contacts and Speed Dial


The contacts page within Teams Calling has a Speed Dial tab and an A-Z directory. You can pin a contact card of anyone within or outside your organization to the speed dial tab.  The A-Z directory will automatically import all your Skype for Business contacts. In the bottom left corner of the image below, you can see the dialer, which means you can make phone calls from within Teams.  How awesome is that?! 



Call History


Just as with your mobile phone, there’s a call history.  And just like your mobile, you can make calls directly from the call history list by double-clicking on the contact.  





Along with the dialer comes a technology we haven’t been able to live without since the 80’s, voicemail. 

Your contacts can leave a message via a Skype for Business call or from a telephone.  If you happen to be in a situation where you can’t listen to voicemail?  Well, now there’s transcription!  You can get the message via your computer or mobile (don’t forget to install the mobile app!) without disrupting the meeting you’re in.  



Calling is still in preview, but if you use Teams already, expect to see the Calls tab show up in your navigation pane soon.  And if you don’t use Teams? Get on it!  



3Sharp and Microsoft Teams


If you’d like to see the entire general session demo, stream it here.  In addition to being an educational foray into Teams, the session also provides an example of the technical marketing work we do at 3Sharp. For this particular demo, we worked in close collaboration with the Teams engineering and marketing teams. And although you can’t see him, our own Jonathan Blue is backstage working his magic and making sure everything works properly.  When you’re on a quest to produce the best sales demo possible, it’s good to have our Demo Wizards on your side! 

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