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Microsoft to no longer support Access Services for SharePoint

microsoft access

With an ever growing need to accommodate the innovative tech industry, Microsoft has decided to no longer support Microsoft Access Services for SharePoint.

Microsoft Access Service will no longer be available for new apps and it will also be retired by O365. All remaining Access-based apps by April 2018 will be shut down. They have said that PowerApps is a better solution for simple application hosting. Both teams are “working to make (the transition) as smooth as possible”.

Here are some examples of how they are achieving this:

  • Creating a feature to export existing data to SharePoint lists where you can create PowerApps and Microsoft Flows.
  • Providing documentation on how to port your custom app to PowerApps.
  • Due to the large demand for mobile support and heavier built out extensions, PowerApps is a solid solution to the problem.
  • Access Web Apps and Access Services will continue to be supported in all current versions of on-premises SharePoint servers… for now.
  • Access Desktop databases (.ACCDB files) will not be impacted by this decision.
With PowerApps and their continued support in Access Desktop databases I think the bases for transition are covered. Technically they are still including Microsoft Access Services and Access Web App in the next version of SharePoint Server since they are still supporting on-prem. So who’s to say it’s really gone. But as of April,if you’re running a Microsoft Access-based app… you won’t be for long.

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