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MS Inspire 2017 – It’s all about the AI!

John Peltonen, one of 3Sharp’s Founding Partners, is in the thick of all of the exciting activity at Inspire 2017 in Washington D.C.  Here are his thoughts about the impressive announcements from Day 1.

3Sharp’s Recap of Day 1

There were tons of exciting announcements today!  A lot of the discussion is about the future of AI, reorganizing Microsoft’s field & sales groups for better alignment of partners and industries, LinkedIn integration, and, of course, cloud, cloud, cloud!

What I liked most about the AI discussion was how it was integrated across various Microsoft products and feature offerings.  Satya Nadella was not talking about AI in a vacuum.  He focused on how Microsoft’s AI research is being integrated directly into a wide variety of products and features, from image recognition for insurance chat bots to better grammar detection in MS Word.

It is very clear that the big push of MS Inspire 2017 is to consolidate your apps  and data within the MS ecosystem.  Without the data, AI is useless and, conversely, with great AI you’ll want your data in the same spot. I love that Microsoft is engaging its partners by providing a better, more insightful product that can work directly with our data and applications to inspire us to achieve more!


One of 3Sharp’s key objectives is to ensure our demos are meeting the needs of our customer’s audience, whether it is equipping technical sales people with demo tools, providing conference keynote demo support, or simply telling a better product story that informs, excites, and wins deals.  


Want to learn more about AI?  Check out 3Sharp’s take on AI and Project Management:


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