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Office 365 default settings: Custom Script Enabling to Grant Permission – Work Around to Enable Permission

Working in Office 365, we get to be quick on our feet with the latest updates that occur within the cloud environment.

Software updates occur and we are often left wondering what setting needs to be set back or enabled to get back up and running in the tenant.

I ran into such an issue a few weeks ago when I was provisioning a demo tenant in Office 365. The scenario required that the content editor web part be present in order for the html page to display properly. There are a couple of things to consider when displaying the content editor web part. 

When I tried to add the content editor to my web part this is what I saw.

where is content editor

As an administrator to the site collection, we would typically see the web part gallery as well as the master page library. If a user does not see these libraries, it means they don’t have permission to add or modify as a site collection administrator.  So I did a quick Check Permissions and this is what I saw:

access deny

Clearly this was a permissions based issue and there was no way for me to grant me access to these areas. I ran across an article on the internet speaking to app permissions on O365. As well as this article

Normally by default, SharePoint prevents users from adding custom scripts however if in the event SharePoint services randomly turns off permissions to edit and modify web parts or web pages, this feature needs to be turned on. As it states in the article, “The following web parts and features are unavailable to site collection owners and site owners after scripting has been disabled.”
So I enabled scripting on my site. Waited 24 hours as the page indicated.allow custom script

And now I have access to the web part gallery as well as visibility see my content editor web part. Problem solved.

I did confirm that this was a random bug issue from Microsoft Help desk.  This at least is a temporary work around to fix the inability to modify and add web parts.