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Getting to Know 3Sharp: Office Culture and Transparency

The team asked me to take a step back and talk a little bit about 3Sharp office culture. I figured, why not start with one of the values that we all hold near and dear to our hearts: Transparency.


Sharpie Office Culture and Transparency

While we have not yet achieved Ray Dalio levels of transparency, we do work very hard up and down the organization to keep our team members in the loop. It’s funny to think about, but even at 40 people, it can be a challenge to make sure everyone is aware of our strategic initiatives or even how we’re doing financially.

To address this, we have a series of teams that are focused on ensuring the everyone in the company has the opportunity to not only stay abreast of the big picture but also contribute to it.


Sharpie Teams

One way we embrace our value of Transparency is with all these glass walls!

Senior Leadership Team

Our senior leadership team (SLT) is made up of our two partners, our HR Manager, our Director of Project Delivery, and our Financial Controller.  We also have a rotating annual seat for our other company directors on this team. The SLT meets daily for 15 min, weekly for an hour, and monthly for a full day.  This team is focused on setting the direction on our big picture strategic initiatives.


Group Leadership Team

Our group leadership team (GLT), made up of team leads, managers, and directors, meets weekly, typically the day after SLT’s weekly meeting.  It’s at this meeting that our HR Manager and Director of Project Delivery present the prior SLT meeting’s agenda and gathers feedback to present back to the SLT at their next meeting.

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Team Meetings and Weekly Check-ins with Managers

The team leads, managers and directors then meet with their teams on a weekly basis, again, sharing what was covered in both meetings.  Individuals also have an opportunity to check-in with their Managers once a week for updates and feedback. These meetings are an excellent way to solicit feedback from team members while passing along any pertinent information to team members throughout 3Sharp.


Company Meetings

Additionally, we have two All-Hands meetings where every Sharpie is encouraged to attend:

Weekly All-Hands:  15 min every Monday morning. We use it to review our upcoming week, talk about wins from the prior week, and review our financial forecast for the month.

Monthly All-Hands:  An hour over lunchtime (free lunch!).  This meeting typically covers last month’s financial performance, where we are with our strategic initiatives, and team status reports to update the entire company.



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